The trio’s debut EP Pássaro Encantado (Enchanted Bird) was recorded during a three day jamming session in Marotta’s Sao Paulo studio. It sounds is like a psychedelic tropical hike, a mysterious and enchanting journey into VJ Suave’s world, at once captivating but experimental, pop and psychedelic, natural and synthesized. Brazilian traditional influences sit alongside with wobbling electronic flutes, spaced out synths and Xavier’s freeform bass guitar. The five tracks are in the order that they were created: the energy and unique moment of those jam sessions at Marotta’s studio is printed perfectly onto the soul of this music.


Recorded by PÁSSARO at VJ Suave´s studio, between April 30th and May 2nd, 2019 in São Paulo.


PÁSSARO is Bela Amado (Irû), Ygor Marotta & Tomás Xavier.


released December 11, 2019